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FleetSmart offers a full spectrum of filing and consulting services. We are here to guide you through the entire registration processes, which can be confusing and a little difficult. We started FleetSmart to help individuals or companies acquire and maintain their own Operating Authority. Our team has experience in almost every sector of the trucking business, starting out as drivers, dispatchers, leasing equipment and factoring. We know what it takes to run your own trucking company and exactly what it takes to get you started. We always put the client’s needs first and pride ourselves on a great customer experience.

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DOT Registration

Over 50% of DOT applications are incorrectly filled out.Failing to correctly represent your business on your application can

Driver Qualification Files

Under federal law 49 CFR Part 391, drivers involved in interstate commerce, or intrastate from the following states…

Filing Motor Carrier (Operating Authority)

Under federal law 49 CFR Part 390, any motor carrier operator who crosses state lines and is for-hire is required to submit an FMCSA…

BOC3 (Designated Processing Agent)

Under federal law 49 CFR Part 368, any company whose drivers’ cross state lines for-hire is required to have this list of processing agents…

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How Our Trucking Compliance Monitoring Services Can Help Your Company


We stay on top of changing standards

Compliance standards are always changing in order to keep drivers and trucks safer on the roads. You don’t want your drivers to get caught with a violation because you didn’t have time to read up on the latest change or missed an online posting. We help manage this for you and ensure all your paperwork is up to date


We improve the accuracy of your paperwork

It’s easy to fill out your DOT forms incorrectly if you’re in a hurry, or simply have no experience with the paperwork. We have the skill and the expertise to do it correctly for you the first time, to avoid costly errors that can put your trucks out of commission.


We save you time

You may not have the resources or the manpower to devote a lot of time to tracking DOT and FMCSA changes, or just ensuring that all your registrations and physicals are up to date. By letting us assist you with your compliance, you can focus your time on the day to day tasks and challenges.

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