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7 What Cryptocurrencies Does Binance Support? Around the Clock Service Cash Support always tries to meet the customer’s requirements. Cash App will provide you with a refund in that case when Cash App fails to deliver your purchased Bitcoin to your Cash App Bitcoin Wallet, or such delivery takes more than 24 hours. I understand why that would be the case for the initial open commitment, because when the opener opens a channel and the – well, I guess the other party does accept it anyway. So, when you have a channel non-initiator, maybe you have more of an incentive to force close than to mutual close because this way it’s going to be the channel initiator that will pay the fees. And we’ve always gone back and forth between those, because we don’t know if we should do a simpler version first and wait for later to do a much more complex version, or 바이낸스 2FA if we should just jump to the more complex version right now. So now, it’s going to be a very simple version of RBF, where the incentive should be properly aligned because only one party is paying the fees and they are the one proposing that RBF.

C2c Trading in Beta Version. Although fewer assets are supported for P2P trading compared to the actual exchange, the greater range of payment methods and reduced costs will likely appeal to international customers wishing to trade with a particular fiat currency or a payment method. Once the trade is executed, the trading fees will be deducted as well. Mark Erhardt: And this will always terminate, because the person that wants to close the channel, of course, already says, “Hey, I want to pay this amount and it’ll be taken from my portion of the channel”. So, we need to change that, because we need to allow taproot, which means allowing also input, especially if we use MuSig2; we don’t want to reveal the internal keys. So, if you want to learn more about that topic, it’s not too long, something like an hour or so, walking through all the details of that proposal. It sounds like this simplified protocol is two rounds.

But that’s further in the future, like considerable further in the future. Are there other downsides, other than that additional minor communication that’s done, that there would be a reason to hesitate on implementing the newer protocol, other than just getting everybody to implement and roll it out? Had Satoshi actually been referring to a group of people with whom there was collaboration? One can find this strategy to remain very similar to understand the prevalent thing, which would further help get the staking process helping people get the things with proper increment. Greg Sanders: Yeah, I can speak to that a bit. Greg Sanders: Well, statechains is another thing that needs – It’s any time-based contract, right? Because it’s one thing to have the code, let’s say, launched and Bitcoin Core nodes get updated, and eventually the network updates enough where you can rely upon it. With future updates to the mempool, hopefully we get around that just basically for free, where any channels that have already updated with v3 and ephemeral anchors will benefit from these other background updates as well.

And so, basically it’s looking at what parts would be worth it to get a first cut of updates to the LN spec, and so there’s some back and forth on that. So this would really simplify the proposal, but is it really worth it, because it still makes the commitment transactions weakness bigger than if we just spend the MuSig2 output. Those, in some cases, would still be tenable because from the feedback I got basically it’s, fixing it, does it bridge too far? Greg Sanders: Yeah, well part of it, right. Greg Sanders: Yeah, we’d be able to get rid of that message, the update fee that t-bast was talking about, which would be great. So, we would have to introduce the ability for both sides to send the update fee message to change the fees of a commitment transaction. It’s also just a life headache, but it’s a judgment call, because right now, LN kind of works on firm handshakes, nobody’s attacking each other, nobody’s doing channel jamming, but that could all change overnight. Bastien Teinturier: Yeah, even though this creates also potential issues, because the commitment transaction right now, the fees are paid by the channel initiator.